Chinook Salmon spawning run upstream

Introduced from the west coast, these fish have made themselves at home in Georgian Bay, swimming up rivers like the Beaver River to spawn.  They made it to the second their falls at Slabtown, where 50 or 60 sat under the falls with tails too long to fit, then they attempted to swim up the falls which were entirely the wrong angle for their efforts, most faded due to exhaustion and floated back down stream. In some of the photos you can see how the heavy fish would jump the first tier just to land heavily into the cement.  It was kinda sad to watch, this dam could easily be re-engineered to help the fish.chinook-salmon-1 chinook-salmon-2 chinook-salmon-3 chinook-salmon-4 chinook-salmon-5 chinook-salmon-6 chinook-salmon-7 chinook-salmon-8 chinook-salmon-9 chinook-salmon-10

Rainbow Trout swimming up the Beaver River

Fish were moving up the Beaver River during the fall spawning Run to get to the nesting areas.  Rarely do I see so many jumping, so tonight was special.  There seemed to be Chinook Salmon and Rainbow Trout. Why are the Rainbow Trout with the Salmon? Because they are actually wrongly named Salmon!  These fish were jumping at the Slabtown Dam, so they had already made it through the Thornbury Fish Ladder, and Clendenam Dam.  In the calm eddies you could see many larger fish resting.

rainbow-trout-1 rainbow-trout-2 rainbow-trout-3 rainbow-trout-4 rainbow-trout-5 rainbow-trout-6 rainbow-trout-7 rainbow-trout-8 rainbow-trout-9

This photo above is one of the very few that made it 🙁


Above: Chinook and a Trout leap at the same time, the heavier fish landed with a thud on the cement and the trout made it to the second stage of the falls.

rainbow-trout-11 rainbow-trout-12 rainbow-trout-13 rainbow-trout-14

Monarch Butterflies

While on the Bruce Peninsula I learned some interesting Monarch info… they currently  flying south along the shore line, we saw at least a dozen, perhaps more.  They overnight in the cedars and sometimes will cluster in them.  While some will make the whole trip to Mexico, along the journey 7 generations are produced. The extra little bug in the first photo is an Syrphid. Next time your up in the Bruce Peninsula look in the cedars for sleeping Monarchs, you might be surprised how many you find.

Monarch_ Monarch_-4 Monarch_-3 Monarch_-2

Milk Weed Bugs

hmmmmm who knew? Milk Weed Bugs, finally a simple and fitting name. Done. these are Milk Weed Bugs.  I just had to post them for that simple reason.

milk weed bugs milk weed bugs-2

Fox Kits playing in an old ruin

I drive past these playful little guys daily, it’s fun to watch them grow up.  Not wanting them to become familiar with people stopping, I only paused once for a couple of photos and carried on.  Best left alone even when they choose homes at the road side.Fox Kit 2

Fox Kit 1

Fox vixen

I spent a few minutes today observing this beautiful creature, best left alone I carried on and let her be.

4 photos…

fox 4

fox 3

fox 2

fox 1



This hungry little fellow was out right before the ice storm hit, he was so hungry nibbling on a single piece of grass he didn’t care that I walked up and took a photo, in a few months they will be not so hungry and far more scarce.


Mink, a playful little fellow!

I was looking for Snowy Owls and found this little fellow instead, actually I have seen 4 this week on different country roads, all out of range until today.  I had no idea that Mink swim for fish and are very good divers, they are more like Otters than I thought.  Then I was sad to think anyone would cage such a playful animal on fur farms that obviously has tons of energy and intelligence.  Happy to get to know a bit more about Mink.


Checking me out, mink


Mink, nice camera!


Mink, this is my better side


Mink, how about a swimming shot?


Shaking it off Mink style





White-tail Fawn – which way?


Early morning just after dawn, I was driving along this country road when a doe with twins was slowly crossing the road.  This little fawn is watching it’s mom leave, however is in a conundrum because it knows they just came from a safe place.  I believe this is how deer get hit, they can’t decide to follow or go back to a place they know is safe.  It decided to go with mom.  Photo taken through my windshield. whitetailed