Slurping up the fish!

In just a few minutes, this Heron slurped up 7 fish, have a look at the photos, one after another, down the hatch they went … the last victim was drinking at the waters edge had a narrow escape


Fish 1


Fish 2

heron-fishing-102 heron-fishing-103

Fish 3

heron-fishing-104 heron-fishing-105

Fish 4

heron-fishing-106 heron-fishing-107 heron-fishing-108

Fish 5


Fish 6


This was almost the 7th victim, a narrow escape!

Great Blue Heron

Many of the blue Herons have flown south for the warmer weather, perhaps the one knows about the Hurricane hitting the east coast today and decided to stay a little longer, but I doubt it.   This one was settling in for the evening and eventually went to sleep whit’s head tucked in. blue-heron-7

blue-heron-9 blue-heron-11 blue-heron-1 blue-heron-2 blue-heron-5 blue-heron-6

Blue Heron Rookery

While in Florida I was lucky enough to come across a Heron Rookery, these young herons look like they are almost at the fledgling age. They are always starving hungry and very demanding of the parents when they bring back a meal which then needs to be coughed up.Great Blue Heron 9

Great Blue Heron 10

Great Blue Heron 11

Great Blue Heron 12

Great Blue Heron 13

Great Blue Heron 14

Great Blue Heron 16