Ring Billed Gulls #175

Wow #175 is one of the most common shore birds in Ontario… sometimes we simply need to stop and enjoy the birds right in front of us.

ring-billed-gulls-1 ring-billed-gulls-2Mature Ring Billed Gulls

gull-3 First year Gull without a clear ring around it’s bill.

gull-2 Young Gulls with brown feathers, preaning  on the beach.



Laughing Gulls #174

These gulls are everywhere along the Florida shore line.  Efficient clean up crews pick up any little morsel left behind on the beaches.  These photos were taken at Siesta Key Beach at sunset. ( it was late being assigned #174, missed this one)

laughing gulls 1

laughing gull 2

laughing gull 3