Chinook Salmon spawning run upstream

Introduced from the west coast, these fish have made themselves at home in Georgian Bay, swimming up rivers like the Beaver River to spawn.  They made it to the second their falls at Slabtown, where 50 or 60 sat under the falls with tails too long to fit, then they attempted to swim up the falls which were entirely the wrong angle for their efforts, most faded due to exhaustion and floated back down stream. In some of the photos you can see how the heavy fish would jump the first tier just to land heavily into the cement.  It was kinda sad to watch, this dam could easily be re-engineered to help the fish.chinook-salmon-1 chinook-salmon-2 chinook-salmon-3 chinook-salmon-4 chinook-salmon-5 chinook-salmon-6 chinook-salmon-7 chinook-salmon-8 chinook-salmon-9 chinook-salmon-10

Rainbow Trout swimming up the Beaver River

Fish were moving up the Beaver River during the fall spawning Run to get to the nesting areas.  Rarely do I see so many jumping, so tonight was special.  There seemed to be Chinook Salmon and Rainbow Trout. Why are the Rainbow Trout with the Salmon? Because they are actually wrongly named Salmon!  These fish were jumping at the Slabtown Dam, so they had already made it through the Thornbury Fish Ladder, and Clendenam Dam.  In the calm eddies you could see many larger fish resting.

rainbow-trout-1 rainbow-trout-2 rainbow-trout-3 rainbow-trout-4 rainbow-trout-5 rainbow-trout-6 rainbow-trout-7 rainbow-trout-8 rainbow-trout-9

This photo above is one of the very few that made it 🙁


Above: Chinook and a Trout leap at the same time, the heavier fish landed with a thud on the cement and the trout made it to the second stage of the falls.

rainbow-trout-11 rainbow-trout-12 rainbow-trout-13 rainbow-trout-14

Tews Falls

So, this was beautiful yet upsetting … people were running everywhere, do they not see that we were on the edge of a cliff? It seems that every week someone falls off the edge goofing around or taking a selfie, it’s quite the mob scene at these Hamilton area waterfalls, it make Grey County water falls seem peaceful!  I did not get the shots I was hoping to, I now realize the spectacular shots I see were done be trespassing and walking past signs saying not to, so I didn’t.  This is what you see if you go there.

Wendy Webb-109 Wendy Webb-108

Siesta Key

Beautiful, the perfect holiday beach with white fine sand that went on forever.  This photo was from my first night walking down the Beach with my hosts Pauline and Ron who I thank very much for their hospitality and putting up with my ridiculous birding.

siesta key sunset

Beaver River 40 year flood


The water flowing down the steps at Flesherton pond by the park gazebo



Beaver River at Beaver Valley Ski Club flowing through the cedars.


The Beaver River flowing over the bridges at Beaver Valley Ski club, a trench has been dug to attempt to save the bridges by rerouting the water, which immediately filled to capacity.


Eugenia Falls mist form the torrent of water


A rare look of the Eugenia Falls over flowing. The overflow dam was almost opened which would have resulted in evacuation of the valley.


The bridge by Heathcoate greenhouses, Riverside nursery

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Jenny Falls

Behind Brent and Jenny’s house we went for a walk after Thanksgiving dinner, this is what I call Jenny Falls. Located in the Beaver Valley, the main waterfall is about 50 feet.

jenny falls


Fraser Falls



Every water falls should have a name, they mark the miles of the Bruce Trail.  This images is from the bottom of what we call Fraser Falls.  It can be found below the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail behind my parents house.  It is a tiny creek which fills up after a rain or spring melt, it cascades over the escarpment rocks and has hollowed out a cliff of clay which is at least 50 feet high.fraser falls