Rough-legged Hawk

So hard to see in the fall leaves. I missed this one and only saw it when it moved to another perch a little further from me. If it didn’t move, I would have passed right by it.  The name refers to it’s feathered legs right to it’s toes, the only others that also have feathered legs are the Golden Eagle and Ferruginous Hawk.

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Northern Harrier Hawk Juvenile

We were so excited to see this different looking raptor, usually the adults we see are grey.  The white band above the tail is the telling sign that this is a juvenile Northern Harrier Hawk hunting the hay fields. They are known for the way they hover in place while they watch or look for rodents.harrier-1 harrier-2 harrier-3 harrier-4

Red Tail in flight

This beautiful bird has just taken off from a low branch, you can really see how hard it has to beat it’s wings it fly and how much it dips towards the ground each time it flaps it’s wings. Of course it’s photoshopped, don’t even ask lol.

red tail in flight

Dive thru diner


Driving along Grey Road 13, I pulled over when I saw an injured Mourning Dove.  I had a box in my car, my plan was to take it home and see if it could be saved.  Next thing I knew a Coopers Hawk beat me too it!

Coopers Hawk