Bald Eagle Chicks

I haven’t seen much of the Bald Eagles in the valley this summer, so I had thought they had left.  I was so happy to go canoeing with my son and find that they are indeed back and raining two chicks again this year.  This makes it three years in a row that they have anger to raise two, usually one eats the other if there isn’t enough food …

bald eagle chick 3


bald eagle chick 2


bald eagle chick 1

Bald Eagles with their two chicks

These Eagles are safely tucked away … you can see them too if you like to take your camera gear on a three hour paddle to get to the nest which is then way, way up in a huge tree … the Eagles took over a Great Blue Heron Rookery which is why there are two nests in one tree as a Heron would.  The quiet canoes don’t seem to disturb the birds at all, they come and go and are very relaxed while they feed the chicks.  I don’t believe in causing birds to take flight and make a point of leaving with them in the nest, even if I haven’t got my shot.  for years I have enjoyed a Monday paddle past this nest and each year this pair successfully raise one or two chicks, fed mostly at the expense of the Canada Goose population. Having said this, the location is top secret!eagle, bald with chick


eagle dinner service


eagles nest

Bald Eagle

This Bald Eagle was in Florida feasting on an Armadillo in a ditch … I don’t see that everyday!  Taken thru the windshield of the car lol

bald eagle