Rough-legged Hawk

So hard to see in the fall leaves. I missed this one and only saw it when it moved to another perch a little further from me. If it didn’t move, I would have passed right by it.  The name refers to it’s feathered legs right to it’s toes, the only others that also have feathered legs are the Golden Eagle and Ferruginous Hawk.

rough-legged-hawk-100 rough-legged-hawk-101 rough-legged-hawk-102 rough-legged-hawk-103 rough-legged-hawk-105 rough-legged-hawk-106 rough-legged-hawk-107 rough-legged-hawk-108 rough-legged-hawk-109 rough-legged-hawk-110 rough-legged-hawk-111 rough-legged-hawk-112

Northern Harrier Hawk Juvenile

We were so excited to see this different looking raptor, usually the adults we see are grey.  The white band above the tail is the telling sign that this is a juvenile Northern Harrier Hawk hunting the hay fields. They are known for the way they hover in place while they watch or look for rodents.harrier-1 harrier-2 harrier-3 harrier-4

Osprey at nest site near Guelph

Seems a little late in the year however maybe it is a second brood or they could be young Osprey returning to the nest just because there is no place like home.  These two were busy building or repairing a nest as the gathered nearby branches and stuff  just east of Guelph on my way home from the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, a nice break in the drive for a few minutes.    I included a photo of the leg band, if you know someone involved with studying the Ontario Osprey, please share it with them, I did do an entry on the banding page however it came back that they are too busy to look into most notifications regarding bands, oh well.        Osprey 2016 w.webb-100 Osprey 2016 w.webb-102 Osprey 2016 w.webb-101 Osprey 2016 w.webb-103 Osprey 2016 w.webb-105 Osprey 2016 w.webb-104 Osprey 2016 w.webb-107 Osprey 2016 w.webb-106 Osprey 2016 w.webb-108 Osprey 2016 w.webb-110 Osprey 2016 w.webb-109 Osprey 2016 w.webb-111

This leg band appears to be from a study as it is not common for Osprey to be banded.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.11.38 PM

Bald Eagle Chicks

I haven’t seen much of the Bald Eagles in the valley this summer, so I had thought they had left.  I was so happy to go canoeing with my son and find that they are indeed back and raining two chicks again this year.  This makes it three years in a row that they have anger to raise two, usually one eats the other if there isn’t enough food …

bald eagle chick 3


bald eagle chick 2


bald eagle chick 1

Bald Eagles with their two chicks

These Eagles are safely tucked away … you can see them too if you like to take your camera gear on a three hour paddle to get to the nest which is then way, way up in a huge tree … the Eagles took over a Great Blue Heron Rookery which is why there are two nests in one tree as a Heron would.  The quiet canoes don’t seem to disturb the birds at all, they come and go and are very relaxed while they feed the chicks.  I don’t believe in causing birds to take flight and make a point of leaving with them in the nest, even if I haven’t got my shot.  for years I have enjoyed a Monday paddle past this nest and each year this pair successfully raise one or two chicks, fed mostly at the expense of the Canada Goose population. Having said this, the location is top secret!eagle, bald with chick


eagle dinner service


eagles nest