Mountain Bluebird

These spectacular Bluebirds were a bird I was really hoping to see when I was in Alberta, you could just imagine my smile when I realized the ranch I was visiting has many many brightly coloured boxes throughout the ranch. At one time the numbers were very depleted, they have made a comeback because of ranchers like the Halladay’s who took time to build and maintain many boxes.

Wendy Webb-102 Wendy Webb-101

Mountain blue birds - 11 Mountain blue birds - 10 Mountain blue birds - 9

Eastern Bluebird “checking out the view”

Two years ago my friend bob, brought me back this awesome Bluebird house from Florida.  He has the same one and they love it.  So I put up mine with hight expectations … they didn’t even look at it!… two years of moving it around the property and with in 24 hours at this spot, they were all over it!  If you don’t have Bluebirds, keep moving the boxes until they prove of the location.  This year “we” raised 12 chicks in our yard 🙂eastern bluebird checking the view

eastern bluebird house

eastern blue bird 1

My Bluebirds

Your right, I can’t own Bluebirds… but I can put a Bluebird house outside my bathroom window where I enjoy watching this little family from the day they arrive.  I’m waiting for fledglings to appear any day now, mom and dad are busy feeding the chicks.  They love the big old Northern Spy apple tree to perch in before entering their house.  They flitter through the air and hard to catch in flight, I didn’t get a decent shot so had some fun putting together a montage so you can see how they wobble through the air.


bluebird montage