I couldn’t figure this one out, a friend helped ID it and although it’s brown, it is a Phoebe.  This one was perched on a bobbing log at Epping bridge.

Fun fact: the Eastern Phoebe was the first bird to be banded by John Audubon  in 1804, at the time a silver thread was used so he would know when the bird returned each spring.Swallow? - 2 Swallow? - 1 Swallow? - 4 Swallow? - 3

Purple Martins

This was a very successful Martin house with more than 50 in the colony, they actually opened the house at night and counted the sleeping birds, done by the Audibon Bird Society volunteers.

Purple Martin 5 Purple Martin 4 Purple Martin 3 Purple Martin 2 Purple Martin 1urple Martins

Tree Swallows

The Tree Swallows are amazing, they have beautiful blue feathers and fly like stunt pilots.  Trying to get a photo of their antics is next to impossible.  when the young ones fledge the nest they get a lot of encouragement from their parents and fed lots of bugs, they even get fed in flight.  We were lucky enough to be canoeing the Beaver River on fledgling day, which we could figure out which day it is every year, a wonderful day on the river.Tree Swallows