White-breasted Nuthatch

While it’s cousins prefer pines, this fellow prefers deciduous tress.  They are frequently at the feeders, taking the nut of the seeds and hiding them for later in the tree bark. They are always here at the farm year round, I see them often yet rarely post a photo… here we go, a fall Nutchatch at he feeder.white-breasted-nuthatch-8 white-breasted-nuthatch-7 white-breasted-nuthatch-6 white-breasted-nuthatch-5 white-breasted-nuthatch-3 white-breasted-nuthatch-1

Red-breasted Nuthatch #172

The fall migration has had a slow start, however the birds are coming thru.  The trees we full of loud birds this morning here on the farm.  There are several warblers in the bushes which I can’t identify in their fall plumage and no camera in hand.  This little fellow was an easy one, and new to me.  It is likely passing thru and stopped for some niger seed with the Chickadees.

red-breasted-nuthatch-1 red-breasted-nuthatch-3 red-breasted-nuthatch-2 red-breasted-nuthatch-8 red-breasted-nuthatch-7 red-breasted-nuthatch-5 red-breasted-nuthatch-10