Gray Jay or Whiskey Jack

These are one of my favourite birds, easily trained to come for food, they are a delight to hand feed.  They don’t migrate and stay in their territory year round.  They manage to do this by storing enough food in bark and crevices to be able to feed all winter. The young have an early start, hatching mid winter, hardy as can be, true Canadians.  Canadian Geographic conducted a survey and found out that this bird was voted most suitable to be our national bird and it was nominated.     

A family of Jays

When the Jay family fledges the nest everyone knows it!  Sqwaaaaaak!  They are a loud bunch, in these photos a fledgling has just left the nest with parents encouraging along the way. My parents country yard makes for a wonderful environment for them with mature trees blended into a meadow.

blue Jay

blue Jay 2

blue Jay 3

blue Jay 4