Black-throated Blue Warbler

The beauties are found flitting around in the underbrush where they also nest.  they don’t mind people passing by, if your inclined to stroll thru bug infested wetlands, you might be able to walk right up to one. 

Wild Turkey

In the country you never know what is going to come strolling thru your yard … this youngster seems to have become separated from it’s flock and has come by the feeder three days in a row now.  Maybe we have a new fowl on the farm.

Brownheaded Cowbirds

Cowbirds are brood parasites.  They deposit their eggs in nests belonging to birds of other species.  Some of the birds they parasitize remove the eggs from their nests or cover them with new nesting material so they are not incubated.

They do like to be around large animals such as cows so they can eat bugs caused by the herd disturbing the ground.