The “bra” fence

I laughed when I saw this, many ski resorts have a “bra tree”, some people hate it, little kids wonder about it, and many laugh.  Which is what I did when I came across the “bra fence” near Gravenhurst. 

Monarch Butterflies

While on the Bruce Peninsula I learned some interesting Monarch info… they currently  flying south along the shore line, we saw at least a dozen, perhaps more.  They overnight in the cedars and sometimes will cluster in them.  While some will make the whole trip to Mexico, along the journey 7 generations are produced. The extra little bug in the first photo is an Syrphid. Next time your up in the Bruce Peninsula look in the cedars for sleeping Monarchs, you might be surprised how many you find.

Monarch_ Monarch_-4 Monarch_-3 Monarch_-2

Tews Falls

So, this was beautiful yet upsetting … people were running everywhere, do they not see that we were on the edge of a cliff? It seems that every week someone falls off the edge goofing around or taking a selfie, it’s quite the mob scene at these Hamilton area waterfalls, it make Grey County water falls seem peaceful!  I did not get the shots I was hoping to, I now realize the spectacular shots I see were done be trespassing and walking past signs saying not to, so I didn’t.  This is what you see if you go there.

Wendy Webb-109 Wendy Webb-108

Siesta Key

Beautiful, the perfect holiday beach with white fine sand that went on forever.  This photo was from my first night walking down the Beach with my hosts Pauline and Ron who I thank very much for their hospitality and putting up with my ridiculous birding.

siesta key sunset

Beaver River 40 year flood


The water flowing down the steps at Flesherton pond by the park gazebo



Beaver River at Beaver Valley Ski Club flowing through the cedars.


The Beaver River flowing over the bridges at Beaver Valley Ski club, a trench has been dug to attempt to save the bridges by rerouting the water, which immediately filled to capacity.


Eugenia Falls mist form the torrent of water


A rare look of the Eugenia Falls over flowing. The overflow dam was almost opened which would have resulted in evacuation of the valley.


The bridge by Heathcoate greenhouses, Riverside nursery

a collection of 30 more photos


Pressure Test at Blue Mountain

Every fall the ski resorts pressure test the snow making systems and turn all the guns on full blast misting the slopes with a fine spray of water.  If any leaks developed under the high pressure of the pumps required to make snow during colder temperatures it can be more easily welded before the snow arrives.

blue 4

blue 3

blue 2





Lunar Eclipse


The clouds blew by and I was able to get a few photos of the Lunar Ecipse, missed the return and the blood moon, but it was fun to photograph it anyhow.Lunar Eclipse

Monarchs are here!

Walking around the wetlands I found four Monarch’s and a different looking dragon fly, all floating on the breezes.  Did you know that Dragon Flies make similar migration journey’s to the Monarchs?  Who knew?  Makes them a little more fascinating. 3 photos.

monarch and milkweed

drogon fly


Petral Point Orchids

All along the narrow winding board walk several Orchids can be found in a very short distance, a must see location for Orchids. 5 images.

showy lady's slipper 2


showy lady's slipper


rose pagonia


Grass Pink


petral point

White-tail Fawn – which way?


Early morning just after dawn, I was driving along this country road when a doe with twins was slowly crossing the road.  This little fawn is watching it’s mom leave, however is in a conundrum because it knows they just came from a safe place.  I believe this is how deer get hit, they can’t decide to follow or go back to a place they know is safe.  It decided to go with mom.  Photo taken through my windshield. whitetailed

Yellow Lady’s-slipper

Small Yellow Lady’s Slipper has red petals behind the flower, Large Yellow Lady’s Slipper has green petals, can you see the difference?  I think these are both red hmmmm….

Wet lands, shaded, mossy rich bogs, and you will find these late June along the sides of the trails.  Always spectacular and a nice find.ladys-slipper2


Blue Flag Iris in the sand dunes

The Blue flag grows in wet areas of woods and meadows and along shorelines of lakes, rivers and ponds — to the delight of cottagers and canoeists.  This beautiful flower was growing in the sand dunes of Sauble Beach.

blue flag iris

Wild Roses at the Beach


Stoping for a walk at a small beach on the Bruce Peninsula west shore, these beautiful roses were growing in the sand adding so much class where ever they grow.  Simple and uncomplicated, perfect for the beach.wild rose 2

wild Rose