Brownheaded Cowbirds

Cowbirds are brood parasites.  They deposit their eggs in nests belonging to birds of other species.  Some of the birds they parasitize remove the eggs from their nests or cover them with new nesting material so they are not incubated.

They do like to be around large animals such as cows so they can eat bugs caused by the herd disturbing the ground.


Such a common bird, I can’t get over how the light reflects such beautiful colours.  These early birds were digging through the leaves looking for bugs or worms, they seemed to have some success even though the ground is fairly frozen still.

Rusty Blackbird #176

These birds have declined 85%-98% in the past 40 years and are listed as a “species of concern” or “vulnerable”. Their song has been compared to the grating of a rusty hinge. They have been documented feeding on sparrows, robins, and Snipe … interesting since I found this one watching a flock of Sparrows and Juncos in a hedge row.

rusty-blackbird-102 rusty-blackbird-101 rusty-blackbird-105 rusty-blackbird-104 rusty-blackbird-103 rusty-blackbird-106

Starling chicks

Starlings are loud, and the “me first” cries are very competitive, parent birds work fast to bring back meals and the chicks are eager to see them return.  These are in our barn wall, I see them every day and finally took a photo.  Our farm is home to so many different birds it is incredible.

starling chicks  - 2 starling chicks  - 1 starling chicks  - 3