Flocking Sandhill Cranes

The Sandhills are plentiful these days, this flock in the Stayner area is well over 1000 birds.  Daily, smaller flocks are passing over our farm in the Beaver Valley, we can usually hear them before we see them as they are very noisy when flying … they sound like a litter of young racoons at war.  I literally look around for racoons, then noticed the sound is coming from the sky.

sandhill-flock-100 sandhill-flock-101 sandhill-flock-102 sandhill-flock-103 sandhill-flock-104 sandhill-flock-105 sandhill-flock-106 sandhill-flock-107 sandhill-flock-108 sandhill-flock-109 sandhill-flock-110 sandhill-flock-111

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