Tews Falls

So, this was beautiful yet upsetting … people were running everywhere, do they not see that we were on the edge of a cliff? It seems that every week someone falls off the edge goofing around or taking a selfie, it’s quite the mob scene at these Hamilton area waterfalls, it make Grey County water falls seem peaceful!  I did not get the shots I was hoping to, I now realize the spectacular shots I see were done be trespassing and walking past signs saying not to, so I didn’t.  This is what you see if you go there.

Wendy Webb-109 Wendy Webb-108

Fox Kits playing in an old ruin

I drive past these playful little guys daily, it’s fun to watch them grow up.  Not wanting them to become familiar with people stopping, I only paused once for a couple of photos and carried on.  Best left alone even when they choose homes at the road side.Fox Kit 2

Fox Kit 1