Phoebe on the farm fence

These fly eating birds have been residents here at the farm for many years, they were already here when we arrived in 1996. They live in nests similar to swallows in the barn beams, in the horse stalls with the Barn Swallows.

Pheobe - 2 Pheobe - 1

Purple Martins

This was a very successful Martin house with more than 50 in the colony, they actually opened the house at night and counted the sleeping birds, done by the Audibon Bird Society volunteers.

Purple Martin 5 Purple Martin 4 Purple Martin 3 Purple Martin 2 Purple Martin 1urple Martins

House Sparrow

This house sparrow calls Home Depot home.  The sparrows in Collingwood have learned how to activate the beam which opens the sliding doors for them to go in and out at will, pretty smart little birds.  This one was sitting on a model shed chirping so loudly it’s echo was deafening in the loading sparrow - 1 house sparrow - 4 house sparrow - 3

Starling chicks

Starlings are loud, and the “me first” cries are very competitive, parent birds work fast to bring back meals and the chicks are eager to see them return.  These are in our barn wall, I see them every day and finally took a photo.  Our farm is home to so many different birds it is incredible.

starling chicks  - 2 starling chicks  - 1 starling chicks  - 3