Siesta Key

Beautiful, the perfect holiday beach with white fine sand that went on forever.  This photo was from my first night walking down the Beach with my hosts Pauline and Ron who I thank very much for their hospitality and putting up with my ridiculous birding.

siesta key sunset

Laughing Gulls #174

These gulls are everywhere along the Florida shore line.  Efficient clean up crews pick up any little morsel left behind on the beaches.  These photos were taken at Siesta Key Beach at sunset. ( it was late being assigned #174, missed this one)

laughing gulls 1

laughing gull 2

laughing gull 3


Willets on the beach

The beaches at Siesta Key Florida are so very beautiful, these Willets run up and down the beach in the sunset looking for snacks in the sand, how lucky they are!  Willets are often seen alone. They walk deliberately, pausing to probe for crabs, worms and other prey in sand and mudflats, or to pick at insects and mollusks. willet 4

willet 3

willet 2

willet 1



Brown Pelicans

My first bird to photograph in Florida this year were Pelicans, right outside the place I was staying  was a beautiful harbour with many boats.  The reflections on the water were fabulous. I hardly had to leave the front door and I had some nice pics a nice way to start the photographic holiday.pelican 3

pelican 2

Brown Pelican