Front & University

front street

Front Street and Avenue Road

I guess this is isn’t exactly country side, however I hardly ever go to the big city.  This was taken while waiting on CAA after the front left axel broke in my car, ripping out all the brake lines … oh ya – while I was exiting from the 401 to Yonge Street south … the tightest off ramp on the 401 … Emma got to the train at Union Station in plenty of time.  I am now shopping for a new car.

Snowy Owl – Barbed Wire Fence

We had freezing rain along the Escarpment on Sunday, leaving the upper elevations coated in ice and snow.  I happened across this beautiful scene, loving the way the barbed wire curled around the fence post to the key subject.  One of my favourite owl photos.Snowy Owl - barbed fence